Pana-Len is a top-quality, family-owned Percheron gelding hitch. Located in Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada showing competitively across North America.


Our hitch of geldings annually ranks within the Percheron breed top 10 of the North-American Six Horse Hitch Class Series.

Showing horses isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.


We compete against other Percheron, Clydesdale and Belgian hitches in approximately 12 shows per year. Thank you to everyone for making our 2017 show season a success.

2018 schedule coming soon.

Pana-Len Executive Team

Madeline Equipment Director

Paul Director of Operations

Greg Pana-Len Executive Director & Driver

Sarah Public Relations and Master Harness Cleaner

Jacob Executive in Training

Bradley Director of Entertainment

Pana-Len Percherons Stories

The Bourbonnais Boys live from the Metcalfe Fair

The Metcalfe Fair is our hometown fair.  In its 161 years it has stayed true to the roots of a local fair promoting agriculture. It offers a venue for those from across the province to showcase livestock, arts, crafts and produce. Agricultural displays aren’t just about farmers. They’re an opportunity for juniors to exhibit the …

Pana-Len Percherons

Pana-Len Percherons is a top-quality, family-owned gelding hitch. Located in Metcalfe, ON we compete in approximately a dozen shows per year. We are excited to share our passion for the draft horse industry with you. Showing horses isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.